Carmen De Anda
Annie Rice
So much variety on Mexican food. When I went in I thought they were only going to have tortas. I was wrong they have everything from quesadillas to sea food. Food was great and service as well. Will definitely come back to try something new.
Fantastic Mexican food-not Americanized. Known for their tortas, I highly suggest the hauraches. I didn't give 5 stars because of the service.
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Jim Romero
I love this place. I had the Norteno steak torta, So delicious!. I been here 3 times now, so many options to choose from. The only time I would get tired of it probably would be once I go through the whole Menu ;). Everyone should give it a try.
I am from Mexico and this is the BEST real mexican food restaurant in Phoeinx, Arizona! So authentic, so delicious! Even I miss this place the time I spend in Mexico.
Victor Santana
I'm normally not a fan of Tortas. Everywhere I've had it, it just wasn't good in my opinion, until I came here about a year ago. The service was good and once I took the first bite I literally zoned out. I didn't talk to my buddy or ask the staff of anything after that and just enjoyed the best Torta I've ever had.
Sam Sun
The food is the best street mexican food I have ever had! You have to try the melted cheese plate and the street tacos. Their famous tortas are awesome as well. They have the best salsa. I would highly recommend this restaurant to anyone. AWESOME!
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